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Our Financial Planning Services
for Lancaster, Lebanon & Reading, PA

It’s never too late to change the course of your finances!

Time is an investor’s best friend. The sooner you get on the right course, the more time there is to save toward your goals.

Here are the financial areas we can help you navigate:

Here are some of the more common situations that our clients face:

  • Too much money in savings that is earning too little interest. You need to increase interest earnings while protecting your principal.
  • Retiring soon. You need to use your retirement savings to produce sufficient income to live on.
  • Starting to save for retirement. You need to know how much money to invest monthly and where to invest it in order to retire by a certain age.
  • Rolling over retirement accounts. You recently left employment and now need to roll over a company retirement account (for example, a 401(k)) into an individual retirement account (IRA).
  • Saving for college/education. You need to know how much money to put away each month and where to put it so that you have money when your kids need it.

Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals.

We’ll listen to you in order to get a true understanding of your needs and dreams, and then we’ll educate you on the best methods to reach your goals and work with you to come up with a financial plan that works for you.

Your Goals, Our Strategies

Let us help you develop a plan to conquer your financial mountains.

  • Investments

    Smart investing shouldn’t perplex, puzzle, or confound. Our individualized strategies will help you feel confident and secure in reaching your financial goals. From choosing the type of tax-advantaged investment you want (such as stocks, mutual funds, etc) to implementing and managing it. Families, individuals and businesses across Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks counties have benefited from our investment advisory services since 2001.

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  • Retirement Planning

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor. We can help you build a retirement strategy that is sure to keep you excited for what’s to come.

    From Simple IRAs to rolling over a 401(k) into a Traditional IRA, we can help you confidently plan for retirement.

    Savings accounts that you open with your bank typically have low interest rates that do little to help you save toward retirement. Add in social security and its simply not enough for most people to live off when they are ready to retire.

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  • Insurance

    Pathway Financial Group offers insurance products and expertise to serve individuals, families, and business owners. We have a long list of products and companies to choose from allowing us to compete with your local insurance agencies and brokers.

    Here are just a few of the individual and group products we can help set up for you or your business: Health Insurance, Life Insurance (Term, whole, universal, variable), Long and Short-Term Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care, Annuities (Fixed Indexed, Fixed, Variable, etc.), Business Life Insurance (Key-Man Insurance, Buy-Sell Funding Agreement)

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  • Estate Planning

    You don’t have to make millions to leave a legacy for your children and loved ones. You can relieve the burden of funeral costs, an unexpected illness and other end of life expenses and still have an inheritance for your heirs or charities you hold dear.

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  • Wealth Management

    Our team here at Pathway Financial can meet the needs and wants of your lifestyle and level of wealth by providing the appropriate financial products and services. When looking at investing your assets, we consider capital gains, tax-advantaged savings and products and stock market volatility. We care about your future and how to get you where you want to be.

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  • Budget Counseling

    Financial freedom is not out of reach. We'll help you set up and implement a Spending Plan that will put you back on track.

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Our Approach

Meet & Dream

Meet & Dream

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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Teach & Plan

Teach & Plan

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

Monitor & Relax

Monitor & Relax

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

Service Area & Our Ephrata Office

We're conveniently located between Lancaster and Reading, PA and serve Lebanon, Berks, and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania.

FAQs About Financial Planning

What is the first step in financial planning?

The first step in financial planning is finding a financial planner that you trust. Find an advisor that you are comfortable with and who is willing to explain where and how your money will be invested. If the advisor is unwilling or does not want to take the time to do so, move on.

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What does a financial planner do?

A financial planner will sit down and interview the client regarding their entire financial and household situation. After the interview, the planner will provide guidance regarding possible actions to take such as acquiring a life insurance policy or establishing a retirement account.

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What does a financial planner cost?

It depends; some planners will charge a consultation fee in addition to the commissions earned on their financial products. Other planners are paid solely on a commission basis. Here at Pathway Financial Group, we do not charge a fee for consultation.

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When should I hire a financial planner?

Like yesterday. In all seriousness, there are very few instances when working with a financial advisor is not advantageous. Whether the clients are newlyweds or quickly approaching retirement, a financial planner can offer valuable guidance in all stages of life.

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